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Thanks for your visit! I am Dwi Sasetyaningtyas, a mother and an author of this blog. I am an Indonesian living in The Netherlands. Just like most people, I used to think about how I could make my life easier without paying so much attention to the environment.  I was so self-centered that I never think how much resources I spent and how much waste I created until I started to dive.

 I started to dive in 2014 and took my dive license in Jakarta where my first dive took place in Pulau Pramuka, in the Thousand Island. During my first dive, I was so overwhelmed by the amount of trash I found in and on the water. Not to mention those bleaching corals! My dive buddy, Arya, which I married him a year later, said that the trash was not from the Island, it came from Jakarta. He also said that it is a quite common sight in the ocean! I was so shocked that this sight could be everywhere in the Pacific, known as Pacific Garbage Patch.

A year later, I took my master degree in sustainable energy technology where I learned a lot about how our behavior would determine the fate of our earth and also our future generation. Since then, I decided to change my lifestyle and started my journey towards more sustainable living by using resources more wisely and reducing my waste. It all started with me and my small family.

I founded Sustaination to educate myself and track my personal journey towards a more sustainable and less-waste living. I believe every little change matters and every little effort counts. Small actions done by thousands of people will change the world. Most importantly, I believe we do not need perfection to save the planet, we just have to start trying and keep going.

 I hope you follow me along on my journey towards sustainable and less-waste living. Together we could make a difference for our future generation!

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